The Valdarno is the valley of the River Arno and it begins where the river turns its course towards the north, close to Arezzo, at the point where it is crossed by the Ponte a Buriano. This is the bridge that inspired Leonardo da Vinci and which he included in the background to his most celebrated painting, the Mona Lisa. Nearby is the unique natural feature of gullies and ravines formed by erosion in the clay hillsides, and the valley then opens out onto life and luxuriant colourful landscapes, where there are wonderful views of towers soaring over such ancient villages, churches and castles as Gropina, Loro Ciuffena and Cenina.

Municipalities of the Valdarno participating in the project “Lands of Etruria"

Tel. 055/991271 - Fax: 055/9912729
Castelfranco di Sopra
Tel. 055/9147711
  Castiglion Fibocchi
Tel. 0575/47484 - 477767 - Fax: 0575/47516
Via Trento, 21 - 52020 - Laterina (AR)
Tel. 0575 88011 - Fax 0575 894626
Loro Ciuffenna
Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 7 52024 - Loro Ciuffenna (AR)
Tel. 055/917011 fax: 055/9172977
  Pian di Scò
Piazza del Municipio, 3 - 52026 Pian di Sco' (Ar)
tel. 055/9631200 - fax: 055/9631290
  Pergine Valdarno
Piazza Don Adelelmo da Pergine 3
Tel. 0575 896372 Fax 0575 896278

  San Giovanni Valdarno
Piazza Cavour, 1 - San Giovanni Valdarno (AR)
Tel. 055-91261
  Terranuova Bracciolini
P.zza della Repubblica, 16 - Terranuova Bracciolini
Tel. 055919471
Other Municipalities of the Valdarno
Piazza Varchi 5 - 52025 Montevarchi (AR)
Tel. 055/91081 - Fax: 055/982851