The district which comprises the Valtiberina lies on the borders with Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Umbria and was for centuries the crossroads of territorial conflicts and a meeting place of differing cultures and civilisations. The largely intact natural beauty creates a frame for such cities of ancient origin as the unchanged medieval Anghiari. In the marvellous mountains nearby, in Caprese, the great Michelangelo was born. Piero della Francesa painted works of rare beauty, masterpieces of Renaissance art, in his native San Sepolcro, in Monterchi and, in Arezzo, the most renowned of all his creations, the frescoes of the Legend of the True Cross.

Municipalities of the Valdichiana participating in the project “Lands of Etruria."

Piazza del Popolo 9, Anghiari (AR)
Tel. 0575/789522 - Fax: 0575/789947
  Badia Tedalda
Piazza dei Tedaldi, 2 - 52032 - Badia Tedalda
Tel. 0575/714020 - Fax: 0575/71413
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 1, 52038 Sestino (AR)
Tel. 0575/772718 - 0575/772206 - Fax: 0575/772615
Tel. 05757321
  Caprese Michelangelo
Palazzo Clusini - Caprese Michelangelo (AR)

Other Municipalities of the Valdichiana
Pieve Santo Stefano
Piazza Plinio Pellegrini, 1 - 52036 - Pieve Santo Stefano (AR)
tel. 0575/79771 fax: 0575/797912

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Centro Servizi Turistici "Una vetrina per Arezzo e le sue vallate"
Address: Emiciclo Papa Giovanni Paolo II (lungo il percorso scale mobili di Arezzo)
Tel.: 0575 1822770 – Fax 0575 1822771

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Centro Servizi Turistici "San Sebastiano"
Address: Via Ricasoli sn
Tel.: 0575 403574 – Fax 0575 401968

Skype: guidomonaco

Centro Servizi Turistici "Logge Vasari"
Address: Piazza Grande - Logge Vasari, 13
Tel.: 0575 1824358 – Fax 0575 1824359

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