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From the sacred mountain of La Verna, you continue driving through the forests of the Natural Park until you reach another place of great cultural and artistic significance, the monastery of Camaldoli . The name comes from Count Conte Maldolo, hence Ca’ Maldoli, who was feudal lord to the Bishop of Arezzo. In the early part of the year 1000, he donated this vast territory to St Romuald who, in his reformation of the Rule of St Benedict, founded the Camaldolese order in these lands in 1012. He constructed the original part of the hermitage and, subsequently, the guest-quarters to receive pilgrims. Over the centuries, the complex of buildings saw a good many ups and downs and, in the 15th century, was also a cultural centre. It comprises a number of structures, the Monastery, the Church and the Guest-quarters. In the latter, there is a beautiful cloister from the 11th-12th centuries, known as Maldolo’s cloister, and also another from the 15th century. Dedicated to St Donatus and St Hilarian, the church was constructed on a previous building from the year 1000 and dates from 1509-1524. The Baroque interior is the result of an 18th-century reconstruction and you will find five panels painted for this church by Giorgio Vasari depicting the Madonna and Child with St John Baptist and St Girolamus, the Nativity, the Deposition from the Cross and Two Episodes from the life of St Hilarian. From the church, you can have access to the cloister and the 16th-century pharmacy. The monastery is still to this day inhabited by monks and retains its 17th-century refectory with decorations by important artists of the day. Go now to the Hermitage, situated in a rather splendid position. This was the original site of the order founded by St Romuald. Women are not permitted to enter the cells where the hermit monks live, but you can visit the Library and the Chiesa di San Salvatore which was consecrated in 1027 but reconstructed during the 18th century. From Camaldoli, you can take a number of escursions, and a walk from the Hermitage into the foresta della Lama along the Scalandrini track is especially recommended. There are, however, so many ways for you to enjoy this place where nature in all its splendour is one with such enduring expressions of devotion.


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