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If you head south from Camaldoli, you will reach Poppi, the township that was the principal residence of the Guidi Counts in 1169. After these powerful feudal lords were defeated by the Florentines in 1440 in the Battle of Anghiari, Poppi passed under the dominion of the Republic of Florence. The grandiose Palazzo Pretorio is of special importance. Once the Castle of the Guidi family, it was built around 1100, almost completely reconstructed in 1274 and enlarged in 1291, possibly by Arnolfo di Cambio. It was then heavily restored in the 20th century. The tower rises above the central core with its Guelphic crenellations and, to accede to the interior courtyard, you must cross the moat. From here you can go to the chambers located on the 1st and 2nd storey. The priceless archives and library housed in this building are invaluable to scholars of medieval history. In the township and not far from the castle stands the Chiesa di San Fedele, one of the most important in the Casentino. Built between 1185 and 1195, its bell tower incorporates a tower that was part of the town walls. With its brick-coloured fašade, the church has the form of a Latin cross with a single nave and trussed ceiling. It is richly decorated with works by mainly 17th-century Florentine artists.

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