Val di Chiana.

The archaic origins of the lands of the Valdichiana are revealed through very rich archeological evidence. Once considered the granary of Etruria, still today the valley’s vocation is for agriculture, and it is indeed the home of the exclusive and very valuable breed of cattle known to the world as “Chianina”. The extensive flat lands ranging as far as Lake Trasimene appear as one huge garden when viewed from the citadel city of Cortona, that marvellous Etruscan stronghold and birthplace of renowned artists like Luca Signorelli and Pietro da Cortona.

Municipalities of the Valdichiana participating in the project “Lands of Etruria.

Castiglion Fiorentino
Piazza Municipio, 12 - 52043
Tel. 0575/65641 - Fax: 0575/680103
Civitella in Val di Chiana
Via Gramsci, 24 - 52041 Badia al Pino
Tel: 05754451 Fax: 0575445350
Piazza Cavour n. 1
Fax 0575/643205
Piazza del Tribunale, 22 - 52046
Tel. 0575/83801 - Fax: 0575/838026
Marciano della Chiana
Piazza Fanfulla 4 p
Tel. 0575-845024 - 0575-845438 - 0575-845103 - Fax: 0575-845432
Monte San Savino
Corso Sangallo, 38 - 52048
Tel. 0575/81771 - Fax: 0575/843076

Where to find the MAP of VALTIBERINA
Centro Servizi Turistici "Una vetrina per Arezzo e le sue vallate"
Address: Emiciclo Papa Giovanni Paolo II (lungo il percorso scale mobili di Arezzo)
Tel.: 0575 1822770 – Fax 0575 1822771
Skype: arezzovalley

Centro Servizi Turistici "San Sebastiano"
Address: Via Ricasoli sn
Tel.: 0575 403574 – Fax 0575 401968
Skype: guidomonaco

Centro Servizi Turistici "Logge Vasari"
Address: Piazza Grande - Logge Vasari, 13
Tel.: 0575 1824358 – Fax 0575 1824359
Skype: giorgiovasari