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The Arezzo Antiques Fair is held every first Saturday and Sunday of the month. With over 500 exhibitors, it is Italy’s largest. Dating back to 1968, it was the first national fair in Italy, and is today the best known and the most visited.
A visit to the Fair is like delving into the past and visitors are always delighted to discover a truly impressive variety of items and objects from different periods of history.
On average, each edition of the Fair has 20,000 visitors. These include collectors, antiquarians, tourists or simply curious locals who are passing by. They all enjoy the buzz of the open-air atmosphere and the stimulation received from so many stands and stalls set up in the most picturesque streets and piazzas of ancient Arezzo.
foto The Saracen Joust (Giostra del Saracino)
The Saracen Joust (Giostra del Saracino), is Arezzo’s most characteristic and spectacular event. It is, in part, a re-enactment of history, with the numerous participants dressed in magnificent costumes. But it is also a competition between the quarters of the city whose representatives are recognized by their colours. Porta Crocifera is in red and green, Porta Sant’Andrea in white and green, Porta Santo Spirito in yellow and blue, and Porta del Foro in crimson and yellow.

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