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GIORGIO VASARI (1511 –1574)

In this aristocratic home lived Giorgio Vasari, the most outstanding person from Arezzo in the 16th century. He, himself, designed and painted the frescoes in this building. His much admired artistic activity took him outside Arezzo to Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, Bologna, Rimini and Perugia. Painter and architect, he found acclaim in the field of Historical writing, with his very famous, “Lives of the greatest painters, sculptors and architects” (1st edition 1550, 2nd edition 1568). The book was fundamental in the understanding of Western Art. A friend of Michelangelo, he gained the respect of the greatest artists and writers of his time, he knew the Pope and he was a faithful servant of Alessandro and Cosimo I de’ Medici. His most important work in the town of Arezzo is the Logge in Piazza Grande, which remind us of his other architectural masterpiece, the Uffizi in Florence.


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