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Hospitality - Where to eat in Arezzo city & Province.

It is not enough to learn about the history and art of Arezzo but, in order to really get to know the district, a person must become acquainted with its culture and traditions, and these are, of course, well grounded in the local gastronomy. The tastes on offer in the restaurants and trattorias of today retain their ancient flavour and their natural, fresh aromas. The “cucina” of both the city and the province forms part of the “cucina Toscana” and the excellence of all things Tuscan is well known. Just as all things Italian are unique and what is “Made in Italy” cannot really be imitated, what could be more typical of the concept “Made in Italy” than the dishes and wines of the region?
As guests in our best restaurants, you will be made to feel most welcome in Arezzo. Our hospitality, delicious food and wonderful wines will surely make you want to come back, and we hope you will bring a friend or two next time. BUON APPETITO!

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