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The young Carmelite nun, S. Teresa Margherita of the ‘Cuore del Gesù, who died at only 23 years of age, was born here on 15th July, 1747, into the aristocratic Redi family. She was the second of thirteen children and sister of Francesco Saverio, her little brother who became a Jesuit priest. She said ‘Goodbye’ to him for the last time before entering the Convent with the words “ Cecchino, do you love God? …love Jesus; if only you knew how beautiful, how dear, how lovable he is! “ Anna Maria (this was the name she was baptized with before she became a nun) professed her total faith in this way. She devoted her short life to intense contemplation, and was an outstanding example of humility and Christian charity in the cloisters of the Monastery of the Barefooted Carmelites of S. Teresa in Florence.


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