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RISTORO D’AREZZO (about 1210 - 1290)

Very little is known about Ristoro except that he was born in Arezzo, that he was a cosmographer and literary man, author of two books, written in vernacular in 1282 in the context of the University (Studium) of Arezzo, entitled ‘Composizione del Mondo’. They are astronomical and geographical works from which knowledge about the history and physical geography of his time have been handed down. Moreover, he was deeply interested in the history of Arezzo, and he exalted the famous Coralline vases (mid 3rd century B.C.) He was also a goldsmith, designer and, as a painter, he collaborated with Margarito in making the altar-frontal of the Santuario delle Vertighe at Monte S.Savino (Arezzo).


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