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MARGARITO D’AREZZO (13th century)

Known as Margaritone, which was the name given to him by Vasari in the ‘Vite’, the dates concerning his life are uncertain, except for the year 1262, when a notary document that proves that he was in Arezzo was signed. Margarito was the earliest known painter in Arezzo and only recently has he been estimated and acknowledged as one of the most significant figures in Italy in the 13th century because of his exceptional sensitivity and artistic talent. Among his most important works are a painted Cross called the ‘Madonna col Bambino in trono’, and ‘S. Francesco’, which is the most famous painting of the ‘Poor Man of Assisi’. It it is displayed at the ‘Museo Statale d’Arte Medievale e Moderna’ in Arezzo. Because it was held to be his true image, at the time this painting was used as a model for many copies and reproductions. ‘La Madonna Kress’, which is now in Washington, and the Altar painting of the Madonna and Child, which is displayed at the National Gallery in London, are two of Margaritone’s earliest works.
Another of his valuable paintings is the Altar Frontal in the Santuario delle Vertighe at Monte S. Savino in the Province of Arezzo.


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