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LEONARDO BRUNI ( 1369 – 1444)

This impressive building, which today accommodates the ‘Museo Statale d’Arte Medievale e Moderna’, was constructed by the Bruni family, Leonardo being the most important member. A Humanist and Politician, he became Secretary to the Pope in Rome and in 1410 Chancellor of the Florentine Republic for which he received wide acclaim. His monumental tomb in the Church of S. Croce in Florence was designed in his honour by the sculptor, Bernardo Rossellino (1409 –1464). His lively historical and literary genius could be identified in his various works in vernacular but it excelled in the translation of Latin and Greek. He wrote the “Historiae” in Latin and, because of his rigorous use of historical documents, it became the first true history of Florence from its origins until 1404. It was translated into Italian by Donato Acciaiuoli (1429 – 1478) and was widely circulated during the Renaissance period.


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