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PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA (about 1415 - 1492)

He is one of the greatest Renaissance painters after the generation of Masaccio and Beato Angelico. A Mathematician and Theorist on perspective, highly original and even influenced by Flemish painting, Piero saw art as an universal value in which geometrical forms, light, shape and colour could be identified. His artistic work was done in Florence, Borgo Sansepolcro, which was his birth-place, Rimini, Ferrara, Rome and Arezzo but mainly in Urbino at the court of Federico da Montefeltro, whose portrait of himself and that of his wife, Battista Sforza, are famous. His major work, which is a real master-piece, is the series of frescoes depicting the Legend of the True Cross in the choir of the Basilica of S. Francesco in this town. Many other of Piero’s paintings are admired, among which, the ‘Madonna della Misericordia’ and the ‘Resurrezione’ at S. Sepolcro, ‘La Madonna del Parto, at Monterchi, and the ‘Flagellazione di Cristo’ in Urbino. Some of his most outstanding works can be found in Boston, at the Louvre and at the National Gallery in London.


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