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Born in Caprese Michelangelo (Provincia di Arezzo), the brilliant Renaissance artist was grateful to his native land for his gift of creativity and he wrote to his friend, Giorgio Vasari, “ If I have any genius, it is the result of being born in the fine air of your town, Arezzo.”
The incomparable architect, sculptor and painter is known all over the world for his numerous masterpieces. If we only mention the best known of these, from his enthusiastic activity in Rome we can note the sculpture of the ‘Pietà’ in St. Peter’s, the frescos in the Sistine Chapel, the tomb of Julius II with the famous statue of Moses, the design of St. Peter’s in the Vatican, with its famous dome. In Florence he produced the statue of David, the new Sacresty of S. Lorenzo, with the tombs of the Medici family. In September 1529 Michelangelo was expected in Arezzo to plan improvements to the Town fortifications. However, it is not certain from the documents if he ever carried out this task.


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