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The San Sebastiano Tourist Office & Reception Center in Arezzo provides an information service for foreign and italian tourist. It is located right in the heart of the ancient city and offers a showcase for the history, culture and traditions of both the city and surronding districts. In addiction to the Tourist Office, the Centro San Sebastiano provides visitors with an introductory film shown in 180 degree immersion, a rental service of audioguides to the city, a book shop and a full information service to help make any tour an enjoyable experience.
foto AUDIO-GUIDE - Hear about Arezzo
The audio-guides can be rented at the Centro San Sebastiano and, with a choice of languages (Italian,English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese), they give each tourist a description of the principal things to see in Arezzo. They provide an individual means of experiencing the art, the history and the culture of Arezzo...
foto ROOM 180°: the sights of Arezzo
ROOM 180° is equipped with special projectors that, for the very first time in Italy, can immerse the viewer inside the film. Shot with special cameras, the images are projected onto a 180° screen with a surface area of 80 square meters. The result of this special technology is a unique and unforgettable experience for the tourist and visitor.

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